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scaffolders erecting a stairtower from Cuplok compatible scaffolding Cuplok scaffolding is easier, simpler and potentially quicker to assemble than regular scaffolding that uses tube and fittings. Cuplok is a very common system, used on building sites throughout the world. Only one other system, Kwikstage, is as well known as Cuplok in the UK. Cuplok is generally galvanised, which gives it an extended lifespan compared to Kwikstage, which generally has a painted finish.

Cuplok connects together with integral spigots and rotating 'cups' on the upright standards. The cups clamp down onto the flanges at each end of horizontal ledgers and transoms. The horizontal intermediate transoms just slot into place. The whole structure sits on adjustable bases, which can be individually raised or lowered on uneven ground. Cuplok can be boarded out with standard scaffold boards, or with timber or steel battens when used in conjunction with batten supports, referred to as Omega battens in the Cuplok system. No scaffolding tools are required to erect Cuplok except a system hammer and a spirit level.

Our Cuplok compatible components are manufactured to equivalent specifications to SGB Cuplok and batch tested and certified by ISO9002 accredited testing centres to exceed British and European standards. We supply only the highest grade Cuplok compatible scaffolding components you can buy.

cuplok compatible standard
Standard (Vertical) — Lengths available = 1.0m, 2.0m, 3.0m.
cuplok compatible ledger
Ledger & Transom (Horizontal) — Lengths available = 1.3m, 1.8m, 2.5m.
cuplok compatible brace Swivel Face Brace (Diagonal) — Lengths available = 1.8m bay x 2m lift,
2.5m bay x 2m lift.
Two Board Inside Intermediate Transom (Horizontal)support double scaffold board run on inside face of scaffold.
cuplok compatible transom
Intermediate Transom (Horizontal) — Provides board or batton support wherever there is no ordinary transom present, ie. between the standards.
Cuplok compatible one inside batten or scaffold board support
One Inside Board Support (Horizontal) — Equivalent to an SGB Omega™ Use with timber or steel battens that span the distance between the standards, slotting into place. Can alternatively be used to support scaffold boards in conjunction with one inside board intermediate transoms.
cuplok compatible adjustable base

Adjustable Base — 500mm Adjustment. 6 ton SWL. Sits inside a standard to provide a base plate and as a screw jack enables levelling of scaffold on uneven ground.

Cuplok compatible 2 board hop-up bracket

2 Inside Board Bracket — Cantilevered support off a standard for two scaffold boards on the inside face of a scaffold. Use in conjunction with two inside board intermediate transoms.

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