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Scaffold Debris Control

brick guards on a scaffold with piles of bricks

To reduce the risk of bricks, debris and other items falling from the scaffold, it is important to put up screens and barriers such as brick-guards to protect people and property at lower levels.

There are also benefits to enclosing a scaffold to prevent ingress of rain, wind and snow, whether to provide a better environment for the workforce to carry out their tasks, or to protect the building itself from bad weather.

Chanelling waste down a rubbish chute is usually the most effective and safest way of controlling the decent into a skip.

rubbish chute top hopper

Rubbish Chute Top Hopper

Provides a screen to reduce the risk of debris falling outside the chute as it is deposited at the top of the chute. Inserts into the top of a standard rubbish chute section.

rubbish chute intermediate hopper

Rubbish Chute Side-Entry Hopper

For depositing rubbish into a chute at intermediate levels. Provides a screened opening part way down.

rubbish chute section

Rubbish Chute One Metre Section

Steel chain and attachment connects to other chute sections and fixing frame.

rubbish chute fixing frame

Scaffolding Rubbish Chute Fixing Frame

Connects 1m chute section to scaffolding using a separate pair of scaffold double couplers.

plastic brick guards

Plastic Brick Guards

Easy stacking one-piece plastic brick guards with integrated guard-rail clip and toe-board clip. Black brick guards are made from recycled plastic, which is more environmentally sustainable. Other colours are available, including those unique to your company.

debris netting

Debris Netting

Manufactured from high density polyethylene monofilaments which allows air to pass through, reducing wind loading compared with scaffold sheeting. Designed to provide some protection for adjacent areas from wind-blown dust and debris. Colours green, blue, yellow, black and white. 50m x 2m, or 50m x 3m rolls.

scaffold cladding

Scaffold Cladding

Plastic Sheeting for weather protection and containment on scaffolds. Clear reinforced low density polyethylene with 2300 reinforcement denier polypropylene spaced 9mm x 9mm. 14cm reinforced eyeletted strip along edges and 7cm down centre. Light transmission up to 70%. Fire retardancy an option. Rolls of 50m x 2m or 3m.

elasticated toggle ties for scaffold sheeting

Toggle Tie

Used to secure cladding to scaffold. Toggle, or 'bungie' ties are elasticated cords that stretch from 20.5cm to 46cm, with plastic hooks at each end to form a quick-release loop. They fit through the eyelets in the plastic sheeting.