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Scaffolding Site Safety Products

hazard warning tape

Hazard Warning Adhesive Tape

Red and white or yellow and black stripes.

hazard warning tube sleeve roll

Hazard Warning Tube Sleeve

Plastic sheath that slides over tube up to 60mm. Red and white stripes. 250m per roll.

L.E.D. flashing lamp

L.E.D. Flashing Lamp

Plated steel L.E.D. blinking lamp. Flashes in dark conditions. Clamps to scaffold tube with integral half coupler. Household C (LR14) battery powered. Requires a special allen key with a hole in the end to open and connect or disconnect the battery in order to start or stop the lamp flashing.

plastic scaffolding fitting cover

Fitting Cover

JSP® scaffolding joint protector. High density polyethylene (hdpe) plastic shell that can be used singly on one side, or in pairs to fully enclose a fitting, covering the protruding bolts and increasing the visibility of the scaffold to reduce the risk of injury to people moving in the vicinity. Particularly suited to scaffolds on pavements and other public spaces with pedestrians moving near or through the scaffold.

floor protection plate

Floor Protection Plate

Yellow plastic. Sit under scaffolding base plates to protect floor surfaces. 18 per box.

Tube End Cap

Plastic caps to protect stonework from damage by scaffold tube ends. Can be used to make tube ends more visible and cover sharp projecting edges. 500 per box.

fitting end cap

Fitting Bolt End Cap

High visibility yellow plastic. Protects against snagging on scaffold fitting bolts.


Scaffold Inspection Tags

Scafftag®. Plastic Tag and holder. One side is for recording contract details. The other is for recording inspections, load bearing capacities, notable hazards, location and reference number.

ladder inspection tag and holder

Ladder Inspection Tags

Laddertag®. Plastic Tag and holder. One side is for recording inspections, risk assessment period, ladder Class and use. The other side is an inspection checklist and guide to ladder usage.

scaffolding incomplete sign


"Danger Scaffolding Incomplete"

Danger Men Working Overhead Sign


"Danger Men Working Overhead"

scaffolding loading bay sign


Loading bay maximum loading sign

35mm orange ratchet strap with clawed ends

Ratchet Straps

50mm blue ratchet strap with clawed ends

Ratchet Straps

  • Polyester lashing 50mm wide
  • Zinc plated steel ratchet and hooks
  • BS5759 - 1987
  • EN12195-2: 2001
  • UTS - 5000 Kg
  • LC 2000 daN
  • BF 4000 daN

ladder anti-climb guard

Ladder anti-climb guard

Hang on ladder to prevent unauthorised access to scaffold. Yellow hook secures device to ladder rungs. Chain is pulled through the front hole and padlocked through a link to prevent removal.

foam tube sleeve

Foam Tube Sleeve

Yellow tube padding for scaffolding in public spaces. Length 2m.