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plastic brick guards
Plastic Brick Guards — Easy stacking one-piece plastic brick-guards with integrated guard-rail clip and toe-board clip.
brick guard
Brick Guard — Galvanised wire mesh. 1220mm x 915mm. To BS729. Swivelling wire hook enables brick-guards to be stacked flat. 12 guage 50x50 mesh.
ladder access gate
Ladder Access Gate painted steel ladder gate incorporating drop forged single fittings for attachment to upright scaffold tube. Sprung closing mechanism. Prevents falls from height in ladder access areas where handrails are absent.
aluminium loading bay gate
Adjustable Loading Bay Gate — aluminium. Arms detachable. Adjustable width aluminium loading bay gate. Light, and easy for one operator to use. For loading bays 2.4m to 3.6m wide. Load clearance height 1.5 metres. Attaches with swivel couplers.
scaffold trap-door
Scaffold ladder access hatch — painted steel frame and mesh trap-door. Opens upwards and can be fixed in the open positon. Hinged section clamps to scaffold toe-board.
ladder anti-climb device
Ladder anti-climb device — Hang on ladder to prevent unauthorised access to scaffold. Yellow hook secures device to ladder rungs. Chain is pulled through the front hole and padlocked through a link to prevent removal.
rubbish chute hopper

Rubbish Chute Top Hopper — inserts into standard rubbish chute section.

rubbish chute hopper

Rubbish Chute Side Entry Hopper — For rubbish disposal at intermediate levels.
rubbish chute fixing frame
Scaffolding Rubbish Chute Fixing Frame — Connects 1m chute section to scaffolding
using scaffold double coupler.

rubbish chute section
Rubbish Chute One Metre Section — steel chain and attachment connects to
other chute sections and fixing frame.
hazard warning tape
Hazard Warning Adhesive Tape — red and white or yellow and black stripes.
hazard indicator tube sleeve
Hazard Warning Tube Sleeve — plastic sheath for sliding over tube up to 60mm. Red and white stripes. 250m per roll.
scaffolding blinking lamp
Amber Flashing Lamp (Flashing Lamp ®) — bulb flashes in dark conditions. Turns off when lamp is inverted. Incorporates single drop-forged steel scaffold fitting for connection to standard 48.8mm scaffold tubes.
L.E.D. flashing lamp

L.E.D. Flashing Lamp — Plated steel L.E.D. flashing lamp. Flashes in dark conditions. Fits to scaffold tube with integral half coupler. Household C (LR14) battery powered.
ladder inspection tag and holder
Ladder Inspection Tag (Laddertag ®) — Plastic Tag and holder. One side is for recording inspections, risk assessment period, ladder class and use. The other side is an inspection checklist and guide to ladder usage.
Scaffold Inspection Tag and Holder (Scafftag ®) — One side is for recording contract details. The other is for recording inspections, load bearing capacities, notable hazards, location and reference number.
scaffolding tube end caps
Plastic End Cap — pack of 250. Protects stonework from damage by scaffold tube ends and can be used to make tube ends more visible where they project, covering sharp edges.
fitting end cap
Fitting Bolt End Cap — High visibility yellow plastic. Protects against snagging on scaffold fitting bolts.
toggle ties
Toggle Tie — elasticated 20.5cm - 46cm. Used to secure cladding to scaffold.
Assessment of wind conditions and building height determines quantity required. For buildings below 10m - 150 per roll of cladding should be sufficient.
ratchet strap
Ratchet Straps(Texspan ®) Polyester lashing 50mm wide. Zinc plated steel ratchet and hooks. BS5759 - 1987. EN12195-2: 2001. UTS - 5000 Kg. LC 2000 daN. BF 4000 daN.
tredda plate
Floor Protection Plate — yellow plastic. Sit under scaffolding base plates to protect floor surfaces.
ladder tie
Ladder Tie — fully UV treated. Like an oversized cable tie. Reuseable.
scaffolding incomplete sign
Sign — 'Danger Scaffolding Incomplete.'
Danger Men Working Overhead Sign
Sign — 'Danger Men Working Overhead.'
debris netting
Debris Netting — manufactured from high density polyethylene monofilaments.
Protects traffic and pedestrians from falling debris and reduces wind and rain penetration. Colours green, blue, yellow. 50m x 2m, or 50m x 3m rolls.
scaffold cladding Scaffold Cladding — 45m x 2m for temporary containment and weather protection. Clear reinforced low density polyethylene with 2300 reinforcement denier polypropylene spaced 9mm x 9mm. 14cm Reinforced eyeletted strip along edges and 7cm down centre. Light transmission upto 70%.
foam tube sleeve Foam Tube Sleeve — Yellow tube padding for scaffolding in public spaces. Length 2m.
Tarpaulin (Monarflex Multicover ®) — 4m x 5m (Green) or 6m x 8m (Blue) reinforced cover sheet with eyelets for tying down using elasticated toggle ties. Low density polyethylene. Weight 210 g/m2. Thickness 0,180 mm. Tensile strength 12 kN/m. Suitable for rough weather conditions and covering assets for greater than six months.