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Temporary Fence Panels

Stacks of new mesh fencing panels

Orchard Hire and Sales is a stockist of temporary fence panels to buy or rent. We supply the strongest round-top wire-mesh fence panels with reinforced corners and Smartweld™ connections. They can be badged with your company logo. We also have pedestrian and vehicle gates, reinforcing stuts, recycled plastic blocks, and fence couplers available. Stillages for storing panels and blocks are made to order.

Other types of fencing and barriers we supply include hoarding panels made from sheet steel, steel crowd barriers, plastic road lane delineators, and plastic street-works barriers.

temporary fencing panels

Round-top Temporary Fence Panel

Galvanised steel. 3.5m x 2m. Connects with parallel fencing couplers. Anti-climb 30cm vertical mesh aperture to GS7. Uprights supported by separate thermoplastic feet. Vehicle and pedestrian gates available. Can be supported with separate diagonal struts (not pictured).

temporary fence vehicle gates

Temporary Fence Vehicle-Gate

Pair of temporary fence vehicle gates with padlockable latch closing. Galvanised steel. Total gateway width 4.2m. Connects with parallel fencing couplers. Outer feet sit in thermoplastic block. Inner feet have castor wheels.

rubber block fence foot

Temporary Fence Foot

Provides a heavy stabilising base with six post holes to set temporary mesh fence panels or hoarding panels upright. Made of thermoplastic utilising recycled material.

temporary fence coupler

Parallel Coupler

Zinc plated. Clamps the upright tubes of mesh fencing or hoarding panel together. Can be used singly or in pairs.

temporary fence panels

Temporary Pedestrian Barrier

2.5m x 1.1m connects without fittings. Lightweight steel. Feet detachable.

traffic lane delineator

Traffic Lane Delineator

Interlocking plastic barriers made from recycled high density polythene (HDPE) in two parts. Top section is water-fillable, but the bottom section alone weighs enough to provide a sturdy base for the wall, which is an advantage where a source of water is not readily available. Can be arranged in a tight arc and on a gentle slope.

Total Weight:21kg
Weight of Base:18kg
Colour:Top: red, white and orange
Base: black
plastic pedestrian barrier

Plastic Pedestrian Barrier

Interlocking plastic barriers made from recycled high density polythene (HDPE). Designed to stack flat for storage and transport. Feet are detachable and replaceable. Suitable for cordoning off a temporary footway or as a temporary barrier where pedestrians may be present. They can be used to enclose small excavations, piles of building materials and spaces reserved for skips and work vehicles. The inter-connector has been designed to cope with slopes and kerbs. Complies with BS 7818 and the Department of Transport code of practice 'Safety at Streetworks and Roadworks'.

Total weight with normal feet9kg
Total weight with ClearPath feet11kg
ColourOrange (standard), other colours on request.
Test and dataAvalon with standard feet: maximum wind speed achieved: 17 mph (27km/h)
Avalon with ClearPath Feet: maximum wind speed achieved: 20 mph (32km/h)
Mira Wind Tunnel Test 02.2009