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Allen key clamps (otherwise known as hex key clamps, tube clamps or pipe clamps) are a range of fittings that connect steel or aluminium tubes together. Allen key clamps slide over tubes and hold them in position with hex socket bolts that are tightened with an allen key (otherwise known as a hex key).

Allen Key Clamps enable the construction of frames and railings out of tube where the tube ends interconnect rather than being off-set and overlapping (as is generally the case with scaffolding fittings like double couplers). It is important to note that allen key clamps are not intended to be used in scaffolding. Instead, they tend to be used for permanent or semi-permanent structures and there are some that can be bolted to hard surfaces such as walls, floors and ceilings. Examples of projects where allen key clamps are often used with scaffolding tube include edge-protection on raised platforms and flat roofs, hand-rails on ramps and stairs, shopping trolley compounds, hanging rails in warehouses and store rooms, external free-standing sign-board mounts, climbing frames and made-to-measure storage racking.

Allen key clamps and galvanised or ungalvanised steel tubes are available from Orchard in all five standard sizes, relating to the outer diameter of the tube: a) 26.9mm, b) 33.7mm, c) 42.4mm, d) 48.3mm and e) 60.3mm. Sizes a, b & c take a 1/4" allen key. Sizes d & e take a 5/16" allen key.

Allen Key Clamp 119 Allen Key Clamp 119 — passthrough sleeve. Connects mid rails to uprights on a straight and level guard rail. Uprights must be precisely aligned at 90° to the cross rails. Allen Key Clamp 176 Allen Key Clamp 176 — side outlet tee juntion. Typically used for structures like storage racking and climbing frames.
Allen Key Clamp 125 Allen Key Clamp 125 — right angle elbow. Connects top rail of a straight and level guard rail to an upright at 90° Allen Key Clamp 128

Allen Key Clamp 128 — three way corner. Connects two top rails to a vertical 90° corner post

Allen Key Clamp 101 Allen Key Clamp 101 — short tee junction. Connects upright to top rail or mid rail to upright on straight and level railings. Allen Key Clamp 116

Allen Key Clamp 116 — right angle elbow passthrough. Connects mid rails to uprights at a 90° corner post

Allen Key Clamp 132
Allen Key Clamp 132 — base mount. Bolt to the floor to provide structural base plates for vertical posts. In guardrails, the fitting should be aligned with the bolt holes at 90° to the direction of the railing for maximum strength.
Allen Key Clamp 158
Allen Key Clamp 158 — long cross passthrough. An intersecting internal joint typically used in frame structures.
Allen Key Clamp 104
Allen Key Clamp 104 — long tee junction. Connects top rail to upright at 90°. Top rail tubes can be joined end to end inside.
Allen Key Clamp 143
Allen Key Clamp 143 — hand rail bracket. Typically for wall-mounting hand rails. Not suitable as a base mount for guard rails or dependent structures.
Allen Key Clamp 148
Allen Key Clamp 148 — short swivel tee. Used in pairs to create a horizontal hand rail corner at an angle between 85° & 235° off a vertical post
Allen Key Clamp 131
Allen Key Clamp 131 — wall flange. Can be used to terminate a cross rail to a wall or as a base plate for non load-bearing structures eg. a bench.
Allen Key Clamp 170
Allen Key Clamp 170 — mesh panel clip for attaching a screen to scaffold tube.
Allen Key Clamp 124
Allen Key Clamp 124 — variable elbow for creating an angled corner at 15° - 60°.
Allen Key Clamp 146
Allen Key Clamp 146 — side palm fixing for mounting the upright tube of a guard rail as close as possible to a slope or staircase to minimise the gap.
Allen Key Clamp 149
Allen Key Clamp 149 — sleeve joint. Connects tubes end to end. Not a structural joint.
Allen Key Clamp 129
Allen Key Clamp 129 — 30° to 60° variable angle short tee junction.
Allen Key Clamp 133
Allen Key Clamp 133 — plastic stop-end. Plug-in end-cap for scaffold tube.
Allen Key Clamp 169
Allen Key Clamp 169 — swivel base-plate. Bolts to the ground to provide a variable angle base plate up to 85°. Non-structural fitting, not to be used as a base plate for guard-rails or dependent structures and not designed to withstand lateral loadings.
Allen Key Clamp 134
Allen Key Clamp 134 — ground socket for removable posts. The tube is held in place by a set-screw. Casting hole should be miniumum 300mm³.
Allen Key Clamp 138 & 140 in combination as a hinge
Allen Key Clamp 138 & 140 Combination — gate hinge.
Allen Key Clamp 182 hook
Allen Key Clamp 182 — chain hook.