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Scaffolding Stillages

post pallet

Scaffolding Fitting Bins

Welded steel bin made from box-section tube and steel sheet. Stackable storage for scaffold fittings. SWL 1 Tonne. Self-colour. Painted finish an option. Made in Britain.

3 Sided + 1 Half Side680mm930mm930mm380mm42kg
4 Sided680mm930mm930mm380mm44kg
4 Sided Reinforced680mm930mm930mm380mm53kg
post pallet

Scaffolding Stillages

Stackable storage for scaffold tubes and props. Welded steel post-pallet manufactured from 50mm x 50mm x 2.5mm box section tube. SWL 1.4 Tonne. Self-colour. Painted finish an option. Made in Britain.

u-stacker tube storers


U-shaped cradle made of welded square-section steel tube. Used in pairs to store up to 72 scaffold tubes. On the inside of the upright arms, a triangular projection holds the bottom row of tubes in place. This stops the u-stackers from falling over and encourages the formation of a tidy bundle that has a gap underneath for fork tines, lifting straps, chains, rope or banding. To avoid the risk of them falling off during lifting, particularly by crane, it is recommended to secure the bundle with steel banding and knock the u-stackers away with a hammer while it is close to the ground. U-stackers utilise the space on a flatbed lorry better than stillages when transporting various sizes of tube back from site. They may help to secure a loose load for transportation. They can be stacked if there is a flat row of tubes on top. Made in Britain.