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Adjustable Steel Trestles

Trestle made from painted box-section steel tube. Provides the basis of a low level working platform, four scaffold boards wide. Boards should be supported every 1.2m along their length and also 15cm from the end of each board. There are peg holes in the inner and outer tubes which enable the height to be extended and the feet to be removed for easier storage and transport.

Opening Heights (mm)
Size 1Size 2Size 3
Hole 14917401065
Hole 26438921217
Hole 310441369
Hole 410961521
Hole 51673
trestle handrail bracket

Trestle Guardrail Brackets

Fits over the top of the trestle to provide a post hole that takes an upright scaffold tube which can be used to mount guard rails and diagonal bracing.