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Scaffolders' Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protection equipment is essential for anybody working with scaffolding. There is every reason to work comfortably and at reduced risk of personal injury.

EVO 3 safety helmet

JSP EVO 3 Micro-Peak Safety Helmet

Tough HDPE shell to EN397. Comfortable 6-point terylene cradle harness system. Chamlon™ Sweatband (Cotton core with porous PU coating for sweat absorption. PH neutral, dermatologically tested). Easy adjustment and precise 3D fitting. One Touch™ slip ratchet. Slots for optional Surefit™ safety visors and ear defenders. Optional reflective strips to EN12899-1.

EVO 8 safety helmet

JSP EVO 8 Safety Helmet

The Evo 8 meets the far tougher new EN14052 standard for enhanced protection from above and also from side, front and rear impacts with its shock absorbing expanded polystyrene styrofoam liner. Comfort for the wearer has been improved, with a redesigned harness and terylene webbing that moulds around the head. The helmet has slots for Surefit™ safety visors and ear defenders.

Surefit clear plastic eye shield for attachment to JSP helmets

JSP EVOSpec Eye Shield Attachment

Easy assembly kit for adding a clear, polycarbonate, retractable eyeshield to EVO3 and EVO8 helmets. Conforms to EN166.1.F

helmet chin strap

JSP Helmet Chin Strap

Wide elastic chinstrap with chin cup releases automatically with forces between 150 and 250 Newtons.

Replacement sweatband for JSP helmets

JSP Helmet Sweatband

For EVO® 2/3 & EVOLite® safety helmets. Egyptian cotton core with porous PU coating for maximum sweat absorption. PH neutral, dermatologically tested.

helmet comforter

JSP Helmet Comforter

Full head comforter easily attached to the helmet harness for comfort and warmth. Available for MK7® / EVOLite™ / EVO2® / EVO3® / EVO8®

High visibility neck cape for JSP helmets

JSP High Visibility Neck Cape

The Hi-Visibility provides the wearer with protection from the elements. Firstly the neck cape offers UV50 protection from the suns ray when working in hot open environments. As well as providing protection from the sun the cape is also waterproof preventing liguids from entering the inside of clothing down the back of the neck. The neck cape is also great for keeping dust out.

Helmet mounted ear defenders

JSP InterEXV Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders

International slot compatibility means the InterGP™ fits the complete range of JSP Safety Helmets, and are even compatible with the JSP Surefit™ visor system. Easy to attach and detach with spring loaded arms that give an excellent fit to the ear. The steel arms maintain a constant and even pressure, whether hot or cold conditions, no matter how long user wears the cups for. When not in use the arms allow the cups to stand off clearly from the head. Conforms to EN 352-3. • Universal Slot Compatibility - Fits the complete range of JSP Safety Helmets also compatible with the JSP Surefit™ Visor system for maximum protection. • Adjustable Steel Arms - The wearer can tilt and adjust the position of the cup for optimum comfort and fit, also offering even distribution of pressure. • Large Cups - The InterEXV™ feature large cups to provide protection for high levels of noise. • Comfort - Thick, wide and soft cushions provide comfort for prolonged use. • SNR = 28DB - For extreme protection.

high visibility waistcoat

High Visibility Waistcoat

First line health and safety precaution on building sites. 2 band & brace. 100% polyester fabric. Velcro fastening. Sizes: L, XL. Conforms to EN 471 Class 2:2

Miller Duraflex® scaffolder harness

Miller Scaffolders' Harness

Miller Duraflex ® scaffolding harness with 'D' ring on the scaffolder's back for one point attachment and strong stretchable webbing. Also supplied as a kit with the lanyard or retractable fall-arrester below.

Miller Manyard scaffolders' lanyard

Miller Manyard

Elasticated shock absorbing lanyard that stretches to allow 2.0 metres of free movement from the point of attachment. The Teflon® coated webbing has a special woven shock-absorbing inner core and a tubular outer jacket that bunches up. When contracted, the risk of tripping or snagging is reduced. If the outer jacket becomes damaged or worn, the core becomes visible. After a fall, a warning flag deploys, providing visual proof to indicate that the lanyard should be removed from service. The Manyard has a karabiner that attaches to the D-ring of the harness and a safety clip that straps the hook end on to the harness when the lanyard isn't in use. Elasticity 32.8%. Length Folded 1.35m External highly resistant polyamide webbing 45mm. Breaking strength: > 2200 daN. EN 355,

Lanyard General Properties
Length1.35m (contracted) to 2.0m (stretched)
Breaking Strength15KN
Breaking Strength2200 daN
Scaff Hook
MaterialWhite chromate steel
Snap Hook Opening65mm
Breaking Strength>2200 daN
Screwgate Karabiner (Type CS20)
MaterialZinc-plated Steel
Karabiner Opening18mm
Breaking Strength>2500daN
Energy Absorber
MaterialPolyester Fibres
Breaking Strength>500 daN
Miller Scorpion Retractable Fall Arrest Block with Scaffold Hook

Miller Scorpion PFL

Scaffolders' retractable fall-arrest block with 'scaff hook'. The quick locking mechanism arrests a fall within centimetres and its self-retracting mechanism eliminates the risk of tripping, while allowing the wearer to move freely over a range of 2.7m from the point of attachment to the scaffold. Can be directly connected to the harness D-ring and used like a traditional fall arrest lanyard. Extremely robust and lightweight, the Scorpion PFL features a fall indicator, corrosion-resistant internal parts, stainless steel and aluminium body and high impact polymer cover.

Webbing27mm Polyester 1.5mm thick
ConnectorAluminium Scaff Hook, 63mm opening
Breaking Strength> 2200 daN, Conform to EN 362 (04)
Snap HookZinc-plated. 22mm opening
black nitrile palm gloves

Nylon Gloves - Nitrile Palm

High dexterity. Good abrasion resistance. Washable. Open back for breathability. Applications: maintenance, warehousing, construction, fabrication, material handling, general plant use. 12 pairs per bag. 10 bags per box. Sizes: L, XL. EN 388 levels 4-1-2-2.

handler gloves with rubber palm

Knitted Rubber Palm Gloves

Mixed fibre glove. Latex palm coat. textured grip. Applications: General handling, disposal, construction, maintenance, gardening. Packaging: 12 pairs per bag - 10 bags per box. Sizes: L, XL. EN 388 levels 2-1-2-1

yellow-nitrile safety-cuff gloves

Lightweight Yellow Nitrile Fully-Dipped Gloves

Knitted wrist. Cotton support liner. Water-proof. Wet and dry grip. Open back for breathability. Good abrasion resistance. Packaging: 12 pairs per bag. 10 bags per box. Sizes: M, L, XL. EN 388 levels 3-1-2-1.

satefy-cuff palm-dipped blue-nitrile gloves

Heavyweight Blue Nitrile Palm Gloves

Heavy nitrile dip. Greater abrasion resistance. Safety cuff. Wet and dry grip. Applications: General handling, physical tasks, disposal. Packaging: 12 pairs per bag - 10 bags per case. Sizes: M, L, XL, 2XL. EN 388 levels 4-2-2-1