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Personal protection equipment is essential for anybody working with scaffolding. There is every reason to work comfortably and at reduced risk of personal injury.

scaffolders' reduced peak hard hat
Scaffolders' Reduced Peak Safety Helmet — EN397. Available in white, red, blue, green and yellow.
high visibility waistcoat
High Visibility Waistcoat — EN471 Class 2. Sizes m, l, xl, xxl, xxxl.
Miller Duraflex scaffolders' safety harness
Scaffolders' Fall Arresting Safety Harness(Miller Duraflex ®) Scaffolding harness with 'D' ring on the scaffolder's back for one point attachment and strong stretchable webbing. Also supplied as a kit with the lanyard or retractable fall-arrester below.
Miller Manyard scaffolders' lanyard
Scaffolders' Shock-Absorbing Lanyard(Miller Manyard ®) 2m stretchable lanyard to prevent falls from height on scaffolding. Zinc-plated steel screw-gate karabiner attaches to D-ring of harness. White chromate-steel snap-hook with 63mm opening connects to scaffold tube. Additional clip for attachment of lanyard to harness when not attached to scaffold. Elasticity 32,8 % Length Folded 1.35m External highly resistant polyamide webbing 45mm - green Teflon finish Breaking strength: > 2200 daN. EN 355, EN 362.
Miller Scorpion Retractable Fall Arrest Block with Scaffold Hook
Scaffolder's Retractable Fall Arrest Block with Scaffold Hook — (Miller Scorpion ®) — smaller snap hook attaches to D-ring ring of harness. Eliminates the need for extended fall distance clearance. Maximum working capacity 2.80m.
Housing : Aluminium
Cover : Impact-resistant thermoplastic
Webbing : 27mm Polyester 1,5mm thick
Connector : Aluminium Scaff Hook, 63mm opening
Breaking Strength : > 2200 daN, Conform to EN 362 (04)
Snap Hook : Zinc-plated. 22mm opening
Length : 760mm Width : 130mm Thickness : 60mm Weight : 1.8kg
scaffolders' gloves rubber palm
Nitrile-Foam Palm Gloves — Nitrile foam for improved grip compared with plain nitrile. Washable. Breathable 13 ga Nylon. Sizes 8, 9 & 10. EN420. EN388.
builders' gloves rubber palm
Rubber Palm Gloves — knitted cotton for warmth and breathability. Thick rubberized palms for grip and abrasion resistance. Sizes 8, 9 & 10.
medium duty nitrile builder gloves
Medium Duty Gloves — nitrile treated cotton. Closed cuff. Water-proof to the knuckles, with open back for breathability. Cut and abrasion resistant. Sizes 8, 9 & 10.
Marigold open cuff nitrile gloves
Heavy Duty Gloves — nitrile treated cotton. Water-proof. Open cuff. Cut and abrasion resistant. Sizes 9 & 10.
suede rigger gloves

Rigger Gloves — Suede palms and finger tips for abrasion resistance. Open cuff. Most suitable for handling corrugated roofing sheets because of better cut resistance compared with nitrile coated gloves. Size 9 & 10.

plastic safety glasses
Safety Glasses — wraparound close fitting style. Adjustable angle clear plastic lenses. EN166 I.F.