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Scaffolding Gates

scaffold loading bay with pallet of bricks

Gates on scaffolds are a mandatory safety feature that provide access to the working platform at the same time as edge protection to prevent falls from height by anyone on it.

reversible ladder access gate

Ladder Access Gates

Painted steel ladder gate incorporating drop forged single fittings for attachment to upright scaffold tube. Sprung closing mechanism with reversible direction of opening. Prevents falls from height in ladder access areas where guard-rails are absent.

scaffold trap-door

Scaffold ladder-access trap-doors

Painted steel frame and mesh trap-door to prevent people falling through any gap created for a ladder coming up from the level below. The trap door can be fixed in an open, upright position with the drop-pin on the hooked toe-board bracket. The hinged section clamps to a scaffold toe-board with integral bolts that can be tightened with a scaffold spanner.

loading bay gate arm

Loading-Bay Gate Arms

Yellow powder-coated tubular steel gate arm. Use in pairs to support aluminium or steel gate front. Integral scaffold fitting allows the gate to pivot around the centre. Requires one or two scaffold tubes and two or four double couplers to make up a complete gate.

steel loading bay gate front

Steel Loading-Bay Gate Fronts

Fixed width loading bay gate. Yellow powder-coat finish. Couplers are integrated into the gate front to attach the gate arms.