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heavy-duty galvanised steel ladder

Galvanised Steel Ladder

Box section stiles and circular ribbed rungs spaced at 250mm. Rubber feet. EN131. maximum static load 150kg.

SizeRungsWeight (kg)
3.0m (9′8″)1115.2kg
3.5m (11′5″)1317.7kg
4.0m (13′1″)1520.23kg
5.0m (16′5″)1925.29kg
6.0m (19′8″)2330.34kg
7.0m (23′0″)2735.4kg
galvanised steel ladder

Light-weight Galvanised Steel Ladder

Square ribbed rungs spaced at 300mm and set at an angle to make the tread surface close to horizontal. Round edged stiles. Rubber feet. BS EN131 & BS2037. Kitemarked.

SizeRungsWeight (kg)
3.0m (9′8″)1011.5
3.5m (11′5″)1113.0
4.0m (13′1″)1314.5
5.0m (16′5″)1618.0
6.0m (19′8″)2026.0
7.0m (23′0″)2330.0
8.0m (26′3″)2633.5
two section extending roof ladder

Aluminium Roof Ladder

Light weight aluminium ladder with hooked end to hang off the apex of the roof. Swivelling wheels make it easier to push the ladder up the pitch of the roof . Cushioned offset bars lift the ladder's rungs to enable a secure foothold for the user.

There is an optional extension available, giving a maximum useable length of 9.4m (30′9″) attached to a main ladder by aluminium spigot and retained by screw and wingnut

Aluminium Class 1 Dual Section Extension Roof Ladder
HeightExtended HeightNo. of RungsWeight (kg)
3.93m (12′ 9″)6.68m (21′ 9″)2621.2
aluminium ladder

Aluminium Ladder

Class 1 (Industrial)

This range of ladders is designed to withstand continuous arduous heavy duty use on site and in transport. It features unique safety rungs, which are flat-topped, providing maximum comfort and safety. Other features include heavy gauge box section stiles with serrated edges for positive hand hold and grip to walls, sills and gutters. Available in single, double and triple sections. Kitemarked. BS2037.

Aluminium Class 1 Single Section Ladder
HeightNo. of RungsWeight (kg)
2.5m (8′ 2″)95.5
3.0m (9′ 8″)116.4
3.5m (11′ 5″)137.3
4.0m (13′ 1″)158.2
4.5m (14′ 8″)179.2
5.0m (16′ 5″)1910.1
5.5m (18′ 0″)2111.4
Aluminium Class 1 Dual Section Extension Ladder
HeightExtended HeightNo. of RungsWeight (kg)
2.5m (8′ 2″)4.25m (13′ 11″)911.0
3.0m (9′ 8″)5.25m (17′ 3″)1113.0
3.5m (11′ 5″)6.25m (20′ 5″)1315.1
4.0m (13′ 1″)7.25m (23′ 9″)1521.8
4.5m (14′ 8″)8.25m (27′ 1″)1724.2
5.0m (16′ 4″)9.25m (30′ 4″)1929.6
5.5m (18′ 0″)10.25m (33′ 6″)2132.3
Aluminium Class 1 Triple Section Extension Ladder
HeightExtended HeightNo. of RungsWeight (kg)
2.0m (6′ 6″)4.5m (14′ 8″)713.5
2.5m (8′ 2″)6.0m (19′ 7″)916.9
3.0m (9′ 8″)7.5m (24′ 6″)1125.1
3.5m (11′ 5″)9.0m (29′ 5″)1332.5
3.9m (12′ 8″)9.4m (30′ 8″)1537.9
4.4m (14′ 4″)10.9m (35′ 8″)1743.1
4.9m (16′ 1″)12.4m (40′ 7″)1949.5
5.4m (17′ 7″)13.9m (45′ 6″)2154.9
Combisafe Scaffstep

Advance Guardrail Steps

Fold-away galvanised steel step and ladder device that clips on to an upper guard-rail to enable installation of the next lift's guard-rails prior to the boarding out of that lift. Scaffolder stands on the platform at the height of the upper guard-rail and is protected from falling by the next lift's ledger, which acts as an interim guard-rail.